Supportive Services


Clinical Services

V.I.E.W.'s on-site peer mentors and counselor provide:

 · direct counseling services to employees and housing residents

 ·  critical incident support services

  · goal setting seminars

 · mental health seminars  and other support, which will aid in our Veterans success.   

We ensure our Veterans have accessibility to peer mentors and / or counselor (s) to help manage the transition process and have an advocate to support in offsite mental health, physical health and recovery matters.   

V.I.E.W. Peer Mentors

Supportive Community Services


We support our Veterans by working with government agencies, counties, municipalities, private organizations, and individuals that have a vested  interest or already committed to working with Veterans in transition.

We are committed to including a wide array of willing partners to ensure Veterans are supported on all fronts – workforce, healthcare, family relationships, and education, just to name a few.